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We are Hortus Group

a growing family of visionaries and creators

Our concept


Hortus is an investment company with a long-term focus. Our mission is to strengthen and grow strong businesses with unrealized potential. As a group of majority owned companies we create value through scale, focus and by leveraging technology.

Hortus was founded by AZ Growth Capital and Quantify based on a mutual vision of creating long term value in private growth companies

Hortus Group is managed by the AZ Growth Capital team

Our Guiding Stars


Long-term investment focus

No predetermined exit plan

Sustainable identity, business model and !nancial strength


Market leader

Edge more important than wide offering

Customer value = profitability



Speed and simplicity

Empowered teams with individual drive and responsibility



The Hortus Family

Senzum Group

Scandinavian customer support and outsourcing partner of customer service, technical support, after-sales services and technology solutions.

Customers in B2C and B2B as well as banks and financial institutions.

Growth plan based on underlying market growth and additional identified new customers.

Link Group

Cameralink is Scandinavia’s first and leading Photographers Agency since 30 years. Cameralink represents established and well known photographers, directors, DoPs and creatives.

Link Details is an agency representing fashion photographers, stylists, hair stylists, make up artists and creatives. Many of Link Details artists are among the Scandinavian fashion industry’s most distinguished professionals, some of whom serve as executive creative consultants for leading fashion brands.

Growth plan based on international growth and innovative productions for new media channels.

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Hortus investment criterias:

  • Long-term customer value and cash flow
  • Strong management
  • Development potential in growth, efficiency through technology, additional acquisitions and internationalisation
  • Management/existing owner buy-in

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Hortus Group Management Team

Malte Zaunders

Managing Partner
mz [at]
+46 70-939 97 90‬

Emil Öberg

eo [at]
+4673-068 01 18‬

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